Tourmaline - protection

Throughout our lives, we collect energy from a variety of sources and daily interactions.

The black tourmaline proves to be a powerful protective stone that protects the body and soul from negative influences. The black tourmaline creates a protective wall, especially against the negative energies of our fellow human beings. In addition, this healing stone supports reconciliation with past events. Electrosmog should also be dissipated, which is why positioning in the electrical area makes sense.

A deep black gemstone with an impressive effect and stands for:

  • serenity
  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • balance

Discharging, charging, cleaning
A stone that repels and absorbs so much energy needs to be cleaned regularly. The black tourmaline should be discharged under running water at least once a week and placed in the sun or full moon light for a few hours to recharge.

Each stone is unique in terms of shape, color and size.

Size 3cm

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