Selenite Wands - purity

The selenite has a shimmering milky-white surface that is reminiscent of the moon. It is also known as Mary's glass or women's glass. It promotes relaxation and calming, supports the defence against negative energies and cleanses the aura. Thanks to its clearing and purifying effect, the gemstone is ideal for discharging and charging other crystals. This is particularly easy with a selenite rod: for example, place a tumbled stone on the selenite rod for 24 hours. Selenite is often used to reduce stress and create a peaceful atmosphere. This beautiful gemstone also has an energising effect and helps to harmonise the energy in the body.

Selenite radiates a beautiful, silky white colour and stands for 
  • serenity
  • harmonisation
  • purity
  • clarity
Discharging, charging and cleaning
Discharge the gemstone under cold running water and charge it in the sun every four weeks. Smoking with white sage, copal or palo santo is suitable for energetic purification.

Each stone is unique in terms of shape, color and size.
Size 10 centimeters

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