Carnelian - joie de vivre

The carnelian gemstone shimmers in shades from dark red to light red to almost orange.  
Carnelian acts as an amplifier of positive energies. He pushes his own stability, courage and energy to unimaginable heights. He not only lifts a good mood, but also helps to face challenges or overcome problems through solution-oriented thinking.
It is considered a source of strength and gives more vitality and joie de vivre. Carnelian also helps in showing feelings. People who have withdrawn into themselves can thus take the step into a completely new, more open togetherness.
It also has a positive effect on blood circulation, metabolism and digestion. He also supports women with menstrual problems.
The carnelian shines beautifully and stands for
  • enjoyment of life
  • vitality
  • drive
  • courage
Discharging, charging and cleaning
Discharge the gemstone under cold running water and charge it in the sun every four weeks. Smoking with white sage, copal or palo santo is suitable for energetic purification.

Each stone is unique in terms of shape, color and size.
Size 10 centimeters

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