Palo Santo and White Sage with Tourmaline

We accumulate energies throughout our lives and our daily interactions.

The "Protection" ritual set helps you to let go and set boundaries and gives you a feeling of protection.

The set includes the following:

  • Californian white sage bundle (approx. 10cm)

  • Palo Santo (about 10cm)

  • tourmaline crystal

  • cotton bag

White sage , also known as Indian smoked sage, has a positive influence on the body and mind. Its cleansing and clarifying effect helps to expel unpleasant energies.

Palo Santo , also known as "Sacred Wood, evokes peace and harmony with its woody scent. The sacred wood promotes relaxation, protects against negative energies and purifies the space.

Black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone. It protects both the body and the soul and works against bad influences. The black tourmaline can build a protective wall against the negative energies of our fellow human beings. The healing stone can also help in reconciliation with past events. Thanks to its power, it can neutralize the entire nervous system and lead to higher levels of consciousness.

Detailed instructions for the Ritual Set Protection are included with the product.

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