Ritual Set Energy Cleansing

This beautifully handmade ritual set Energy Cleansing is particularly suitable for the energetic cleaning of your entire home - for example, if you have just moved in, had a heated discussion or negative energies from other people are present.

The Energy Cleansing Ritual Set (Smudge Set) includes the following:

  • Californian white sage bundle with dried flowers (approx. 10cm)
  • two Palo Santo chopsticks (approx. 10cm)
  • Cedar bundle (approx. 10cm)
  • White selenite raw crystal (about 10cm long)
  • Recyclable box (11.5 x 15 x 5cm)

White sage , also known as indigenous smoked sage, has a positive impact on the body and mind. With its cleansing and clarifying effect, it can kill bacteria in the air and helps to expel unpleasant energies.

Palo Santo , also known as "Holy Wood", evokes peace and harmony with its woody scent. The sacred wood promotes relaxation, protects against negative energies and cleans the room.

Cedar is traditionally used to clean a house or apartment, especially when you first move in. The smoke from burning cedar wood attracts good energies and removes disturbing vibrations.

Selenite (also called Marienglas or Frauenglas) is a powerful and cleansing stone. It creates order in our thoughts and around us, restoring calm and balance.

Detailed smoking instructions for the entire Energy Cleansing ritual set are included.

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