Handmade incense stick holder

A beautiful handmade incense holder. Simple and stylish, perfect for decorating the home or as a gift. It is excellent for smoking copal incense sticks to protect surfaces while burning.

The handmade incense stick holder was created in collaboration with the Studio Sediment Atelier in Zurich. It is made of porcelain with black inclusions. It is cast by hand and fired at 1260 degrees. Each handmade holder is unique, so the density of inclusions on the surface are different.


  • Porcelain with inclusions
  • Transparent glossy glaze
  • 16cm diameter, 3.5cm height, approx. 3mm hole opening
  • heat resistant
  • Designed and manufactured in Zurich


  • Dishwasher safe

The ceramic studio Studio Sediment is located in the heart of Zurich's district 6. It specializes in the production of cast porcelain. From its own products to commissioned work and workshops, the studio relies on traditional craftsmanship, the best quality paired with creative passion.

From the idea to the sketch and from the plaster model to the casting, glazing and firing of the porcelain, everything is handcrafted on site. In small series, handcrafted everyday ceramics are created that delight anew every day.