Moss agate - lightness

The moss agate gemstone is a wonderful companion to let go of the old and no longer useful. The crystal frees you from fears, worries, pressure and stress and helps to release old behavioral patterns. Through its inner strength one finds peace and strength.

With the help of moss agate, a boring lifestyle can be changed and it can inspire new ideas. He draws our attention to the diversity of life.

The moss agate gemstone shines in beautiful shades of green that are similar to moss. It strengthens the connection to nature and helps to get from the head to the heart.

This healing stone serves as a support for a new beginning.

It radiates a fine energy and stands for
  • ease
  • Let go
  • Confidence
  • inspiration
Discharging, charging and cleaning
Discharge the gemstone once a month under running lukewarm water and charge it overnight next to a rock crystal. Smoking with white sage, copal or palo santo is suitable for energetic purification.


Each stone is unique in terms of shape, color and size.

Size S (2-3cm)

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