Palo Santo - incense sticks

The white natural Copal incense sticks smell sensual, woody and slightly lemony.

The natural sustainable resin is harvested from the Bursera tree in Mexico. No tree or land is cut down for the white copal harvest. The resin is removed and processed by hand by Mayans from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. In Meso-American cultures, the copal is considered sacred.

The white copal incense sticks are a wonderful energy tool that can be used, for example, during meditation. Connected to the crown chakra, the white copal deepens awareness and promotes pure thoughts in the mind and soul. It is also used to purify the energy of rooms, places and objects.


  • Refreshing and cleansing
  • waking up
  • Opens perception
  • Encourages an eye for the essentials
  • Harmonizes body and mind

Each incense stick burns for approximately 90 minutes. It can be extinguished with water and rekindled several times. They are also ideal for energetically clearing crystals and gemstones.

One pack contains 10 incense sticks.

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