Keith's Cacao Block Mini - 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade

Indulge in the enchantment of Keith's Cacao with the 170g mini block – a smaller version of the legendary cocoa block, perfect for gifting the magic of pure ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala. Ideal for surprising someone special, a colleague at the office, or a neighbor, this mini pack is tailored for cocoa newbies!

Experience the original and the world's finest 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao, meticulously prepared without additives or chemicals, ensuring an uncompromised quality that defines Keith's Cacao. This herbal superfood acts as a powerful heart opener, fortifying mind, body, and spirit.

Keith's Cacao is renowned for promoting:

  • A sustained burst of energy
  • Enhanced productivity and creativity
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Elevated consciousness and spirituality
  • Encouragement of a healthy lifestyle

The Ceremonial Grade Cacao undergoes traditional preparation methods, preserving its full potency. The "perfect roasting" technique over wood-fired ovens, a practice handed down through generations, imparts complex cocoa flavors. Each bean is meticulously hand-hulled and undergoes two inspections by our local workshop team to eliminate any inferior beans or contaminants.

A mini block weighs 170 grams.

This mini block not only delivers indulgence but also supports over 20 local families in Guatemala. With a commitment to creating job opportunities, Keith's Cacao focuses on empowering women in Guatemala, offering them flexible working hours to read the cocoa beans independently at home. Your purchase contributes to a sustainable and empowering cocoa industry, making every bite a meaningful experience.