Candle - The Loom

The Loom candle - Architectural elegance for your room! Experience a unique architectural atmosphere in your home with The Loom candle.

  • 10.5cm x 11cm x 5cm
  • ~390g
  • 100% natural rapeseed wax
  • unscented
  • vegan, environmentally friendly, non-toxic

These candles are lovingly made by hand in Switzerland, using only 100% natural wax.

Please note that due to the natural materials, slight variations in color and appearance may occur. Small irregularities give each candle a unique character. The quality is always maintained. Immerse yourself in the harmonious combination of aesthetics and naturalness with The Loom candle.

Be sure to never leave a burning candle unattended and do not place it near flammable materials. While burning, the candle should be placed in a well-ventilated room. Before relighting, it is important to cut the wick to a length of less than 1 cm to promote quiet and even burning. These simple steps will help ensure candle handling safety and create a pleasant, worry-free experience.

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