Green Aventurine - optimism

The green aventurine shimmers in a beautiful and delicate green. It gives courage, optimism and a positive attitude towards life. Its name derives from the Italian "a ventura" and means "I'm lucky".

The gem ensures a good well-being by raising the spirit to a positive level. It also gives you serenity, calms irritated nerves and helps you to regain your composure.

The healing stone has a supportive effect against sleep disorders, restlessness and anxiety disorders. At the same time, the stone can be of great help in difficult life situations, when far-reaching decisions have to be made. It strengthens self-confidence and belief in yourself.

With the help of green aventurine, one's own dreams and visions can be better lived out.

The green aventurine shines in beautiful shades of green and stands for

  • optimism
  • courage
  • attitude to life
  • serenity

Discharging, charging, cleaning
Discharge the green aventurine once a month under cold running water and charge in the sun or overnight. Smoking with white sage, copal or palo santo is suitable for energetic purification.

Each stone is unique in terms of shape, color and size.

Size 6-8 cm

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