Agate Goede - self-confidence

The Agate Goede fascinates with its fine sparkle inside. It is a very special stone that enchants with its changeable appearance and beautiful colors.

It gives calm, patience and perseverance. It also strengthens self-confidence, helps to find inner balance and supports the expression of thoughts and feelings.

In addition, the Achat Goede is an important companion for couples who want to have children and is considered a stone of fertility. He supports women during and after pregnancy and promotes the mother-child relationship. Therefore, it is also an ideal healing stone for the uterus.

The Achat Goede shines beautifully from within and stands for

  • balance
  • stability
  • confidence
  • fertility

Discharging, charging, cleaning
Discharge the gemstone once a month under running cold water and charge it in the sun or overnight next to a rock crystal. Smoking with white sage, copal or palo santo is suitable for energetic purification.

Each stone is unique in terms of shape, color and size.